Monday, October 18, 2010

Moving on up!

 Movin' on the top.  Ok not really to the top, but two of our littlelies have moved up to the Baby House from the Bercario (nursery) in the last few weeks.   Kids are constantly growing.  All of you parents out there know well that no matter how much you sit on them they keep getting taller and more and more independent.
Cleita was the first to make the move.  She is now almost 18 months old.  It's hard to believe when I arrived she was a tiny 3 month old baby.  Now, she is holding her own among the 36 in the Baby House.  She is still just as adorable as always and is quite good at stealing the tias attention.  Definitely loved by all, the other kids included.
This week the Baby House gained one more.  Manuel 2 has been making visits to play with all the kids for a few weeks now.  But because of the chicken poxes he has now moved up.  We didn't want him to be exposing the bercario twins (still quite young) if he didn't have to be.  The Baby House kids haven't had a kid as little as him to play with in quite awhile...he is their life sized doll as I'm sure you can imagine.  One of the tias nicely said to one of the girls the other day...Manuel 2 isn't a doll, and you are not a tia.  Please put him down.  Hilarious!  But all in all he's adjusting quite well despite his horrific chest infection that developed Friday.
It's sad and yet exciting to watch these little kids grow up and move up!  What a blessing to live life with them?!

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