Monday, December 13, 2010

All for YOU!

So when you live on the other side of the world, far away from what you have grown up with you start to miss certain things.  For the record other than people it is usually food products.  Most other things we can get our hands on, but brand named foods are not there for the most part.  So I was sent on 2 missions by a good friend at the center (ok, actually I was sent on 3 missions but I didn't take photos of the first one I completed).
#1- She misses Chick-fil-A...ok, I REALLY miss it too.  Quite often when we go to KFC I accidentally say Chick-fil-A instead because I want it so badly!  I LOVE Chick-fil-A!  So, this is the first mission I completed (no picture...sorry)!
 #2- STARBUCKS...that's right!  I never liked coffee...didn't even like the smell of it.  I would rather be cold then sip on a warm cup of coffee.  Now I'm addicted!  I LOVE it.  So for my first several days here my amazing father went every morning and picked up Starbucks for me...pumpkin was Thanksgiving week!  Now I usually order the gingerbread latte and am currently making french vanilla in my coffee pot at home!  So fun!

#3- Panera Bread...yep, you want it now.  Just me saying it means you want it!  Well this amazing friend of mine used to work there and therefore really misses the paninis, soup, and just plane amazingness that is Panera!  So, while I was in Charleston with one of my favorite married couples of all times we had Panera for lunch!  So good!

It has been a fun vacation time.  I have seen amazing friends, gotten to experience all the things I miss, hung out with my family, and just gotten to spend days in my jamies on the couch watching Christmas movies enjoying our fantastic Christmas tree.  Altogether wonderful!
...but I will admit I miss my adorable babies, all their tias, and the missionaries and Mozambicans I share life with in Moz.


  1. I read this immediately after realizing I forgot to bring any sunflower seeds back with me. In eight years, I have never forgotten that! So I had to laugh at the way this post started!
    I also ate at Panera Bread but I did NOT drink any coffee! And I don't have a chick-fil-a nearby but I did eat Taco Bell my last American meal! Miss you! Hurry back!

  2. I'll hurry back with your sunflower seeds!

  3. Laura, I got sunflower seeds in Shoprite...I'm sure given the context of this passage they are not the specific brand you want but they are good in my irish opinion!

  4. YAYYYYYY! It got a blog post! :)
    Thanks for completing all the tasks bestowed upon you! I'm sure I can come up with more!