Saturday, August 22, 2009

Attacked by Loving Children!

So this morning somewhat began with an attack by children of sorts...I was suppose to meet Erin up at the BH (Baby House) and she hadn't gotten there yet when I I went into the kids' play room. I sat down because they were all pulling on me at once...this equaled them crawling on me, pulling my hair tie out, and talking to me in super cute toddler Portuguese (oops)! One of the tias had to save me. Hilarious!
Other than that a pretty quiet day...made bottles for the first time this morning, gave out meds tonight, learned some more about all the other medical programs our kids are involved in...they go to a tuberculous (TB) clinic as well as GATV an AIDS clinic run by Doctors without Borders. I have tons more to read up on and learn about but am at least beginning to understand the system.
And I was excited because tonight when I gave out meds, Lucia (one of the girls who doesn't like medication) actually let me hold her and give her all her meds without getting upset...success! Also, I got to hold Clatia for the first time...she is the youngest of our crew and will be 3 months the first of September! She is great and makes me happy...and she has awesome head control for a 2 1/2 month old!
Tomorrow Erin and I are on all day because Aurora the Moz nurse doesn't come in on Sundays. Wake up time is's going to be early! But I am going to attempt to take some pictures in the next few days so you can all see the precious children I'm working with!
Oh and once again I was blessed by others cooking dinner for me!
Hope you are all doing great...keep me posted on your lives!

Oh on other important things...there are pictures of my room up on my photo page (linked here on the right)! And here is one for your viewing pleasure!


  1. Meghann...I really can't say how proud I am of you, reading all of this! It's amazing how big our God is!! While I was reading your "especially long" post (haha) I just get the feeling that although your fears of emergency or something you think you can't handle are totally valid (hey, I'm a nurse too) I just know that the Lord has equipped you and will continue to so that his power will be made perfect in your weakness! And not only so, but I really believe that you are just right for this job! Not sure I'm getting my point across, but anyways. Just know I'm praying for you and I can't wait to keep reading! Love, MG

  2. PS, your room/bed looks very African. Love it. :) All you need is a pet giraffe ;)

  3. Hahaha...I wish I could have a pet giraffe...they had a fake one in the South Africa airport and it made me smile!
    As for preparation and prayers I absolutely appreciate. I do believe God has placed me here and knows what I will face. I don't think it will be easy in the least, but He has perfect timing and as you said, "is perfect in my weakness".
    Anyway love ya buddy and I surely love hearing about you and Andrew as well!