Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Failed at the new plan...

So I failed at the new plan of writing on Fridays about different mind/heart provoking questions. But I did have a truly blessed weekend with some of my absolute favorite people from college life. As I drove to Charleston Friday night after my last day of babysitting my twitter post was as follows: "Expectant of a great weekend with some pretty amazing christian ladies! Lord grow us closer to u!" That's exactly where my heart was. I was so excited to get to see Holli and Leah (the two girls I was probably closest to in my nursing class) for a whole weekend...and also get to see Holli's fiance for a night as well!
In typical fashion God delivered a wonderful night and gorgeous day at the beach filled with laughs, hugs, pictures, great conversations, and just all around greatness! Leah had to leave us Saturday night...because she has been blessed with a job in the NICU at Richland! I am so excited to see where God is taking her. But Holli and I had a great night walking on the battery and spending a little time in awe of God on Folly Beach before heading back to her apartment. For the record if you don't know this about me...I am in love with Charleston. I love the culture, the people I know there, the beach, downtown, pretty much all of it! It makes me smile; it makes me dream; it makes me remember...I just love it! Anyway just a great place for me to get to be with great people.
Sunday my car broke down...hilarious! Actually just the battery died...and Holli and I got to jump it (first time for everything right?)! Then I headed off to Anderson/Clemson. I got to attend one last service at NewSpring a church that has grown me and nurtured me for the last year. I also got to spend some wonderful/sad time hanging out with and saying goodbye to all of my church family there.
Monday was great as well. I got to spend a little time with a few of my nursing professors...ladies who ha
ve influenced me more than they could really imagine. They really are role models, people I will always look up to and will always be thankful to for sharing their knowledge, love, compassion, passion, and lives with me! I also got to drop by the Visitors Center a place I have worked for the past 3 years. Tracey I missed you (and pray your recovery in quick and easy), but Helen what a blessing to get to see you one last time! I'm not sure I could have asked for two better people to pour into me, live life with me, or listen to my crazy stories than these two! Thanks for EVERYTHING you both have done! Finally, Monday afternoon I met back up with Holli and another friend Jennifer (Holli's maid of honor) and got to go with them for Holli's fitting. Could I imagine a more beautiful way to be a part of Holli's wedding despite the date being December 18th...while I'll be across the globe? Absolutely not. It was a blessing I did not expect. One I cherish. For all of you who will be there on her wedding day...you'll be blown away by her beauty, grace, gladness, and joy...all shining the heart of God! (and yes I am a little jealous of those that will be standing by her side, but know God has a perfect plan)
As for today...Emily (one of my college roommates and my little sister in my sorority) and I got to spend a little time at lunch catching up and laughing together. It was perfect! I have missed her smiling face and great humor more than I realized this summer.
All I can say is I'm blessed! God has and I know will continue to provide the perfect moments I need to cope with and be ready for goodbyes. I am thankful for the friends and family I have, the love they give me, the support I feel around me. It is more than a girl could ask for.
So here I am humbled again and loving absolutely every minute of it! Exactly one week until departure for "the romance of a life-time" as Holli is now calling it!

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