Monday, August 24, 2009

Freedom...slowly becoming a reality in two areas of life

#1- Yesterday and today I made medications for the kids with no supervision. A silly thing to you maybe, but that means I'm getting the hang of all of this. Also, the afternoon check and tomorrow morning of the kids is all up to me! Ok, yes they are all relatively healthy right now, but's progress and I'm excited about it. Anyway just a little freedom step by step that equals progress...
This is how we store meds and give them out...
Here is where we prepare meds...

#2-Spiritually things have definitely been moving in my life. Let me paint the picture for you:
Aug 19, the day I arrived, I was a little panicked, I begged God for overwhelming peace and was sent to Philippians instruction to not worry but pray about everything instead of worrying and to live thankfully. This intern will lead to God's peace.
Aug 22, Erin blogged about surrender and I happened to read through it. I was struck by the fact that experiencing peace/freedom starts with surrender, which equals trust (seen through our patience in the Lord's timing), which allows us to have no worries but complete trust and peace!
Anyway it was a revelation for me. Something that has been on my heart and mind since then; something I want to become a reality.
Today I was asked to attend the worship service for all the staff (Moz and missionaries) so that afterward I could be introduced to the tias at their staff meeting. Anyway all the missionaries were asked to pray over about 10-15 men who responded to the call of wanting to be free in the spirit. At first I had a moment of I worthy or able to be a part of this. As I walked to the front I realized this was just a glimpse into what God has for me here...I may never see the man I prayed over again but I have faith that God is going to do great things in Moz through him and the others. It was very encouraging!
Basically, I am expectant of what God has planned for me here...not just in my work with the babies but in my spiritual life as well. I cannot wait to have some time off (Wednesday and Thursday) to process everything...prayers for those days to be filled with God moments and revelation would be greatly appreciated!

As for other fun news...Chelsia (a little girl in the Berçário or nursery) turns 1 year old on Wednesday. We had a Birthday party for her today because the tias switch shifts every 4 today during shift change both sets were able to celebrate with us! Her mother came as well. She lives in Bocaria, which is the city dump and is slightly mentally unstable and only speaks Shigon (their African tribal language)...but it was great to see her get to spend a little while with her daughter. And the tias singing was hilarious! Chelsia was not to sure what cake was all about:
And the nursing room (don't be confused it's really just a closet transformed) is inside the little kids' they love to knock and come see you if they know you are in there. Today Freddie came in and made Erin and I laugh VERY's why:

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