Thursday, August 27, 2009

Disaster averted...and a little on church tonight... sum up my morning, honestly I sat in my room watching episodes of One Tree Hill! Funny but I couldn't really come up with a better way to relax and feel at home than doing something that I would have done in college. Anyway I was about to go grab some lunch and got a txt from Chris (another missionary who is currently running the bercario). All it said was are you around. So instead of writing back I walked down to her room. I ran into Jannie (another nurse) and she told me there was a fire at the bercario! Yes, that's right. I thought she was joking at first...but nope there was a fire. The tias were changing the gas bottle and didn't connect it well enough...went up in flames.
All the tias, babies, and responders were not injured! Praise God...and the building still stands. Chris and I spent some time wiping everything down/washing all the sheets and things because it was covered in smoke and extinguisher dust. But the babies are back in their cozy home and hopefully no respiratory problems will develop. I'm going to check in on them tomorrow morning just to make sure!
Second, I would love for you to each come on board with me in prayer for all the young youth aged boys who live here at the center. Tonight the message at church reminded me of Fuse (the youth ministry I volunteered in at NewSpring- my home church). All of the youth were called to the front and as a church we prayed over them to fall at the foot of the cross and learn to turn away from the world and follow the path God has for them. It made me realize as probably 50 or more young boys (probably age 13-25) stood up there that just the guys that live at the center could change this entire country by falling in love with Jesus. That makes me excited! It also makes me realize that the fact that youth can change a country is not a lost message anywhere in the world! Anyway I would love your prayers for God to guide these young men and teach them His ways, allowing them to impact Mozambique!
Ok...that's it for now. It's almost my bed time. Tomorrow I'm back on call in the baby house and get to go into the city for a consult at the Heart Institute. One of the boys in Tracey's dorm (a transition dorm from the baby house to other larger dorms) has had a heart murmur since he has a consult tomorrow. Jannie is bringing me with her so I can get a taste of medicine here, although Erin said the Heart Institute is a lot nicer than anywhere else...I'll give you a report on my thoughts soon.