Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2 Humorous Events

#1- Today my fence fell down. Yep, that's right. I left my house for a total of 30 minutes and when I returned, this is what I saw...That's a large chunk of my fence laying on the ground! Apparently it just couldn't hold up today against the strong winds.

#2- This one occurred yesterday. And you just have to stick with me to enjoy the humor. Chris came into my room to switch out our mattresses because she is going home for 2 months and is letting me use her's until I am able to get one (thanks to the generosity of Aleya and her dad!). Anyway, she was going to make it up for me and I said no there was no need. She said but you're working and have tons of things to do and I said...nope no one is going to get sick today. (Nurse's last words...) So I headed up the Baby House...all was well. Went to check on the Bercario to find most of the little ones crying. I told the tias I would take Francisco back with me for a bit and give them a break. Headed back to my room to make up my bed. To make things easier, I tied Francisco up in a capalana...his favorite place anyway...looked much like this...(although this was actually taken Sunday)My house phone rang not 2 minutes later. It was Aurora (our Moz nurse in the Baby House)...all I could understand her saying was Vasco (one of our boys) and asthma. So with my good friend Francisco along for the ride I headed up to deal with whatever was going on. I walked in on Vasco in respiratory distress. He was severely retracting and breathing extremely quickly. After 2 nebulizers and starting him on antibiotics, I felt comfortable to leave him for an hour. Well just picture it...I was a real Mozambican with a baby strapped to me doing my work. By the time I was finished I was pouring sweat and little Francisco went right back to the Bercario because I was exhausted.

...so that's life here at the center for the moment...


  1. The fence looks like it was robared rather than blew down. How is the mattress?

  2. Good job, Meghann!! I'd let you be my nurse any day. :)

  3. The mattress is fantastic Chris! (Except for the fact that I spent all of Tuesday night EXTREMELY sick...not the mattress's fault though.) And Miss MaryGene I'd let you be my nurse any day as well!