Sunday, December 27, 2009

A Reminder...

Every once in awhile I get reminded of why the Lord sent me here. This morning I was really tired when I woke up and was not feeling like sitting through church with little ones all around trying to listen to translation. Some days it just seems too tough.
Well, I sang and danced with all the Baby House kids during worship...always fun and tiring in one. Then I went to sit down with the other English speakers to hear the translation of the service. There was a visitor sitting in front of me and a little girl from the Bocaria (the city garbage dump) laying in her lap. The visitor got up to sit closer to the translator because she was having trouble hearing. I looked up and the little girl looked devastated. This was the face I was staring into...I put out my hand and she immediately climbed into my lap. She spent the service taking off my bracelets and watch and putting them on her wrists before putting them back on mine again. God immediately reminded me that loving these kids is why He sent me. It's not how many medicines I give out in a week, how many times I wonder if I'm adequate but instead taking the time He has given me to hug on and love the children around me. She eventually fell asleep in my lap. Every time I would move just a bit or attempt to stand up she clung to me like a monkey. She was not going to be put down by this white person who was hugging her if she could do anything about it.
I kept thinking...I wonder when the last time she was held was? I wonder if she even has parents who have told her she is loved? I wonder what she is going back to after church and a nice meal here at the center? It just struck me this morning...made me remember again that the little things that bother me each day are tiny in comparison to the job the Lord has given me.
It was a small reminder...something we each need every once in awhile. What is the Lord trying to remind you of today?


  1. Hey Meghann! We all need those reminders, isn't God good to reveal them to us?? Have a great week! Wahoo for the break in temps today, hope you enjoyed it.

  2. I love you Meg. You have been on my heart this last week so much. This is such a beautiful post. It is so amazing to watch the Lord work on your heart while you are in Mozambique. :)