Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Catching you up...

So I've been a bit busy as you can probably tell by the lack of blog updates. I'm hopeful today I can catch you up on life...
Well the last you heard from me was Thanksgiving. A day filled with heat, play time, and NO TURKEY! All was well until about midnight when our house phone rang. It was the tias in the Bercario...Lucia wasn't breathing well is all I could translate from their Portuguese. I headed up there to find little Lucia struggling to breath. After a nebulizer treatment she was doing better and I put her back to bed promising to be back in about 3 hours to check on her. By 3am she needed another nebulizer. As I told some people a little later that week, it actually was a great experience showing me I am capable of responding to emergency. Some days since I've arrived I've wondered what would happen if something emergent really happened. God has prepared me...along with Clemson Nursing School!!!
Other than that I've worked 4 12 hour shifts in the past week that turned into more like 14 hour shifts not to mention helping out with the nightly checks on our dear friend Lucia's breathing situation. I was just a bit tired and on top of that I was acting as Rebecca. That meant I was running the afternoon program, playing with Laura's boys as much as I could, and making sure the tias in her dorm had whatever they needed each day. It was an experience...one that made me appreciate missionaries who's houses are attached to dorms even more. God gives them more grace and patience than I have ever experienced.
Let's see what else...one of our Baby House kids...Julio went home with his brother for good! Their mom is now stronger and excited to have her boys back! Julio is certainly happy to be with his mom and brother again as well! Please pray for his transition back into the community as well as his asthma. We will be seeing him once a month to check out his status and make sure his inhalers are still working.
Tchau Julio!Ok...I think that is it. Next up...to update you on my trip to South Africa!

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