Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Frist Taste of Christmas!

So a few weeks ago I was given a kit to make a gingerbread house. I kept thinking..."I'll get to it after Thanksgiving." Well that came and went with much work and changes around here (as I've learned each month does). Anyway, last night it came to me...we are going to make this gingerbread house and bring it to home group (our weekly time as a staff together). This week we were having a cook out to say goodbye to one of our nurses, Solange.
(Side Note: Solange has been working in the main clinic on the base...which serves all the kids, missionaries, and workers who are here on a daily basis. Basically everyone I have not been working with medically...until now. As of last night I was given the on call phone for the base and will have it until Monday. Iarrah...a Brazilian nurse with 7 years of experience here on the base...will be switching weeks with me. For the moment to say I'm nervous about this is a complete understatement. I would love your prayers for peace, wisdom, and preparation! As for other responsibilities...I'm not sure what that will look like yet. For now I am still working in the Baby House Mondays and Fridays but have given up my weekends because of being on call for the base. Point being...I'd love prayer!)
Ok...back to Christmas! Aleya and I decided making a gingerbread house while listening to some Christmas music might get us in the mood even though we are still working, it is 100 degrees outside, we're sweaty, and basically nothing else feels like Christmas. So today we took on the kit...first I was a bit nervous when I read we needed a rolling pin, wax paper, a mixer, and powdered sugar. Well out of those things we only used a mixer (borrowed from some others) and all worked out just fine!My St. Mary's (the middle school I went to) days served me well. Aleya was amazed I had put together many many gingerbread houses in my life and was basically a pro decorator! We both have just a little perfectionism in this is what came from our hard work...Not without much mess along the way...We even made stain glass windows!But don't worry...Mom you would have been proud because just as I went to do the ice sickles the icing bag in the kit broke...I rigged one out of a Ziploc! Yep, that's taught me well!
Oh...and if anyone knows me when I work hard on something it is VERY hard for me to allow others to eat it. So I spent the entire night telling everyone..."Nao, so comemos despois Natal!" In English..."No, we are only eating it after Christmas!" It led to many laughs...the Brazilians just couldn't understand why I would make and bring something we couldn't eat.
Anyway...I was pretty excited and felt just a little bit more like Christmas is coming, which is great since Christmas here is just in 2 days!!!!


  1. SO CUTE, Meghann!!! :):) And I'm praying for you, girl!

  2. Dern girl! That is one of the best gingerbread houses I've ever seen! not that I would expect any less from you! Miss you and love you! Merry Christmas!
    - Tracey

  3. Are you really going to let anyone eat it after Christmas? I have my doubts! I'm glad you told me the secret of the windows being the only fresh candy, that's the part I'll grab! Hope you bring it to the staff Christmas party!
    THANKS a ton for all your help and I'm so sorry you weren't able to be here this morning to join in the fun with the boys after all the work you put into preparing for it. The decorations looked amazing, thanks so much for doing the AP to get all those ready!
    See you later!!! Will be praying!