Tuesday, December 8, 2009

South Africa with the girls!

Friday morning Erin, Chris, and I headed off to pick up our rental car and spend the weekend in South Africa. This coming Thursday is Erin's birthday and Chris will soon be leaving us for a few months at home...so we decided this weekend should be special. I was able to be involved thanks to a generous tax refund check from the US government! You have to love when those arrive!
Point being we booked a weekend away at a wonderful lodge in South Africa. The package deal also included a wine tasting dinner! What the experience...we had a blast and let me just say the food was AMAZING! Here's a few photos...
This is the view from our balcony Friday evening!This is the gorgeousness from our breakfast table!
Oh and the packages my mom and grandmother sent arrived!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! These are the first packages I have gotten since being here...sorry to all else who have sent me things. But that meant I got to enjoy all the nice notes many of you wrote me at the first football game...
I now have the ingredients required to make sweet potato casserole (meant for Thanksgiving dinner but Christmas will do), some new pj's, a bubble machine to play with the kids, US candy, and many other treats for me and the kids! Thanks Mom and Grandma Stevie!
Chris decided I needed a photo of me reading all your notes for your viewing pleasure!
I loved them...I miss you...and Thanks!
Then on Sunday we headed off on an adventure to Kaapshoof (at least I think that's how you spell it). It's a little mountain town outside of Nelspruit. They have wild horses, a great pancake place, and according to others a wonderful look out point.
The pancakes were delicious and the horses were great! We enjoyed them tremendously (made me feel like I was back in Aiken)!But then...we took off on this hike to see the look out...Here's what happened:
All started well...Then we got a bit tired thanks to the steep incline...And here's what we actually saw at the top...yep that's right a cloud! We were in a cloud...we saw nothing!Like I said...we were in a cloud!But on the way back down we did see a "big fish"...And have some fun taking silly pictures...
All in all it was a great experience! Sunday night we stayed at Mercy Air which is gorgeous. Erin and I jumped on a trampoline there for 2 hours straight before deciding we should probably shower up and get ready for dinner. Then Monday morning we got up super early and headed to Kruger Park...wait for it....to go on SAFARI!!!!!!! You'll have to wait to hear about that until later this afternoon. I am off to eat lunch and go help Rebecca with the afternoon program. I promise I'll tell you about my first safari experience soon though!

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