Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Absolutely Adorable!

So today I was working in the Baby House...I think you all know by now these are my absolute favorite days of the week! Well at least they usually are but starting at dinner last night I got this mind splitting headache...seriously horrendous! And I was sure I had a temperature...although my handy thermometer said no. Anyway I spent the night trying to sleep through a headache and times of being freezing and others of being super hot. It was pretty awful. But I got up and headed to work to give out medications by 7:30 this morning.
Well by about 9:00 I was having trouble thinking needless to say preparing medications or assessing little ones. Cute little Sina, after she played with ALL of our nursing equipment while I talked through the stresses of the day with Tracey (awesome missionary in charge of the Baby House), said she wanted to pray for me. She laid her little almost 4 year old hand on my was so sweet!
These are the moments I thank God for the absolutely adorable little kids and babies in my life! I do love them even when they bite, hit, cry, show me every little tiny scab on their body until it disappears, tug on my skirts until they begin to fall off, choose to not understand my Portuguese...and countless other things. Through it all I love them!

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  1. Hope you're feeling better Meghann.
    The pictures of the two girls playing at your house were cute.
    So happy the little girl who was in the hospital is doing so much better.
    I'm checking on Dusty this weekend while your Dad is in DC and Debbie is teaching in Louisiana.
    Tom took Amy's stuff back to Tech today. He was in the Suburban and she drove the miata. She's a senior this year!
    Take care and thanks for sharing on this blog.
    Miss Susan