Thursday, August 12, 2010


Our friend in the hospital is looking much better today. I got to run in and see her for just a few minutes since I had 2 sleepy and hungry babies in the car! Anyway, she is taking her milk again by mouth (they took her NG tube out last night) and she has only vomited once today! She still isn't smiling but the tia said she plays a bit and will even sing with her sometimes. The swelling in her legs is much better. No more pitting! She is going to start eating papinha (a kind of baby cereal) tomorrow! On to solid foods...that's a major improvement! Just keep praying for her please!
Also 2 other points of prayer for her...#1 a 5 year old little boy died in her room in the night last night. Just pray that this does not shake the hope our tias or we have for her life to continue to improve and thrive! #2 A bit of background first...there used to be another children's center not too far from ours. The man who ran it was bad news to put it nicely. Finally before I came it was shut down by the government and we took 20 of their children in one day. The kids were wild. Just to tell you how bad it was they were basically given their food in a big pile on the floor and had to fight to get some. Seriously the stories I've heard make me want to sob. Well one of the little boys in our little girl's room is from this man's new center. How exactly he has been allowed to reopen I'm not sure?! But no matter what, the fact that helpless children with no family are being taken in by him again makes me sick. Please pray!
Oh, while I was there I also got to meet the grandmother. Our team went to her house today and found not just 7 children but 7 and the twins (less than a month old). The grandmother wants them all and is doing her best to care for them but just does not have the means. We will be looking into what we can do to improve her situation and who if any of the children we will be taking in to help her for now. I just prayed joy of her. She seemed such a sad and worn down lady but with a HUGE heart for her granddaughter. Praise God we have contact with her and may He show us exactly how to help!
Finally I'll just share a thanksgiving with you...the favor we are finding at the hospital right now is absolutely miraculous! Seriously, we are able to go in at all hours of the day (not just visiting hours) and the nurses and staff are remembering us! Our children are receiving good care and us asking questions isn't causing division or issues (asking questions about what is being down or how I child is being treated is really not done here). The other mothers with their sick children are opening up to us and our tias. They want prayer. They want us to lay hands on their children. They want to know this God we know and trust. It's amazing! Praise God for this huge change may we relish in it and follow after all that He has!

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