Monday, August 16, 2010

My New Room! I moved into my new room quite some time ago but I just haven't found the time to get pictures taken and posted for you. Today I found the time...maybe because this weekend I finally cleaned up all my belongings in preparation for my special guest! Leah (one of my best friends from nursing school) will be here Friday morning to spend 10 days with me!!!
Anyway, here's a tour around my amazing new room! Thank you to all those who spent countless hours cleaning, painting, trimming, scrubbing, carrying, interior decorating, and even falling off ladders to make it possible! I love you all dearly and think about you every morning when I wake up to my BRIGHT white ceiling and admire once again the awesome placement of furniture! The walls are a light light blue...fresh and clean! And don't you Clemson people worry there is still room for plenty of orange even with a red bed!
Here's the view from my front door...Here's my awesome desk, "kitchen", and amazing big round chair (Thanks Erin!)...check out those Tiger Rags (best computer covers ever)!!!!Here's my absolutely fantastic hammock chair (I even researched boat knots to get that thing hung)...Here's my "changing room" as everyone around here likes to call it...And last but not least, here's my cute bathroom (complete with African animal prints)...I absolutely love my new space! It is so great to have a space of my own even if my "kitchen" is a tiny fridge, water kettle, coffee mugs, and a fruit bowl. And again thanks to everyone who helped me...and no thanks to the amazing friend who thought painting turquoise and tan was a brilliant idea (I still love you just not your paint choices)!


  1. it was and still IS a brilliant idea. offense taken. to the comment. not you!!!! love and miss you!!!

  2. I love it Meghann! It looks very soothing!! Still praying for you and your precious babies lots over here in 'Merica!