Sunday, August 8, 2010

Milk Program

As I said...Jannie is away until the end of September so I have taken on Milk Program. The goal of this program is to aide families by providing powdered formula (something that is too expensive for most Mozambican families to buy) for babies from birth to one year. My job is to oversee. I chart all the babies' weights and do my best to talk with the mothers if their baby isn't doing well. I also talk with any mother who wants to start on the program. We don't just accept anyone. There has to be some reason why she cannot breast feed and needs assistance. Many of our mothers are HIV+ (we either have them breast feed solely for the first 6 months and then start helping them telling them to only give formula from 6 months on or if they have already given formula we encourage them to only give formula from that point on) or have other health problems themselves so they are unable to breastfeed. Some of our babies' mothers have passed away or have abandoned them with other relatives...meaning formula is the only sources of milk for them. It has been said telling a mother not to breastfeed in Africa means the baby will die...our goal is to combat this one baby at a time! Here are some of the faces of the amazing babies I get to see each Friday...

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