Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Growing by Leaps and Bounds!

Manuel 2 has been with us for almost 7 weeks now, 2 of which he spent in the hospital receiving blood and IV antibiotics. If you don't remember...this is what he looked like when he arrived...To quote myself..."He is 1 year and 4 months old. He came to us yesterday weighing only 5.71kg (about 12.5 pounds). He is severely malnourished, unable to sit or roll over on his own, has large sores on his head and bottom, and is severely anemic." He ended up in the hospital 4 days later.
Now after only 7 short weeks LOOK AT HIM!He's a hard kid to photograph because if he's not on the move he's talking...but he's always cute! He now weighs 9.1kg (20 pounds) and is becoming quite the chunky little one. He absolutely loves to be held, talked to, tickled, and kissed! His idea of a kiss is a mouth wide open head butt...it hurts a little but is quite cute!Thank you for all your prayers for this little guy. God has certainly done a miracle in his life over the last 7 weeks. His uncle (who is probably 15 or so) did not even recognize him Sunday other than the wound that we are still covering on his head...but even it has gone from this...to this...An absolute miracle! Just look at the cuteness! That's Manuel 2 everyone after a miracle!

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  1. wow, Meghann. Amazing. Another Fernanda story. How is Fernanda? Will I see her in Oct? Will she be in the Casa dos Bebes? Love you! so proud to see you continuing the amazing work...love, grace, strength and joy be yours!!